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The name North Star, is derived from the North Star also known as the Polaris that is famous for holding still while the entire sky moves around. The North Star marks the way due north. It is our absolute accurate reference to true north. The North Star can be found easily in the nighttime northern sky. You are guaranteed that with all the movement of the stars in the sky, the North Star will always be in the same place pointing you to true north.

Our interpretation therefore, the North Star represents something that is reliable and dependable at all times. Our clients entrust us with building and managing their reputation. We help them tell stories about how their character ethics make them achieve the goals they set for themselves by making use of multi-media platforms.

our divisions

North Star Branding Concepts is the creative arm in the business. Our branding expertise allow us to give our clients the creative edge.

This division helps our clients to tell stories that communicate their character ethics – what their brands stand for and what values they hold true.

North Star Media offers our clients through-the-line services enhancing our integrated marketing and communications offering.

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